You may have heard of Mari and his incredible journey of faith and perseverance. Growing up in a broken home, he lacked a relationship with God, but still had an unwavering belief in Him. After finding himself in foster care, Mari's life took a turn for the better when his foster dad introduced him to the guitar, and his passion for music was ignited.


Over the years, Mari has become a talented worship leader, recording artist, and singer/songwriter who has shared his gift and experiences across the country. With a spirit of worship that is contagious, Mari has led worship on many platforms, spreading the message and love of God to all who hear him. Hearing Mari minister, you see the evidence of the goodness of God.


Despite facing many challenges, Mari's faith has never wavered. He has traveled the country, sharing his story and music with audiences of all demographics. At the young age of 20, Mari has already accomplished so much, including touring with the Maverick City Choir.


Mari's journey has been an incredible example of how God can renew and replace the old things in our lives to bring forth something new. Although he has not just birthed his latest project, "The Divine Intervention Project", Mari is living proof of a divine intervention.


Mari’s Testimony was shared in his first single “I Don’t Know,” written by him and his foster dad. Mari's journey is not just a story of overcoming adversity, but it's a testimony to the grace and love of God that continues to amaze him and those around him.